Martes, Abril 24, 2012

Old School Inno: On Cloth Diapering

Two weekends ago, Kali and I started cloth diapering Inno. My mom convinced me to start using lampins already. Before I gave birth, I was really set to cloth diaper Inno but because my body recovery took almost two weeks and with Inno's frequent change of sleeping and feeding schedule, I have to postpone the idea. 

When my mom and sister visited me last week, they've noticed that I've got a lot of disposables in the trash and said that we're throwing away money with every diaper ditched. My mom then got a lampin from Inno's drawer and put it on him during his next dappy change. Since that day, I've started using flats in the morning and disposables at night. There wasn't really much problem with the frequent changing even if Inno is a heavy wetter. The challenge is on the laundering part. We've only got a dozen of flats, three diaper covers and one bamboo dappy (which we only bought for trial). After each use, I have to wash the soiled ones to survive the rest of the day. I'm lucky though if I get to really wash the used ones right away and those few moments would be when Inno is sleeping or if Ate Jem (our all-around maid) has nothing to do and would sub for me in looking after Inno. Good thing too that the bathroom upstairs is just right outside our room where I could wash the lampins and check on Inno from time to time while he sleeps. 

So far, everything's going smooth with us cloth diapering Inno. We wanted to really switch to cloth diapering 24/7 and impel the idea of disposables which are really costly. 

Hybrid Diapers

Even before Inno was born, I was already thinking of cloth diapering him using hybrid dappies. I've done some research and it was good to know that there's a number of makers, suppliers and brands of hybrid cloth diapers in the country already. However, because I haven't convinced Kali to invest in hybrid cloth diapers full-time, we only have one bamboo dappy which we use and wash everyday. If you don't really have an idea what hybrid dappies look like, I've downloaded some photos of a number of brands. (Note: This Diapers have different systems though, varying from pocket diapers, All-in-One's and Two-in-One's). 

Bum Genius (photo courtesy of Spoiled Store)

Charlie Banana Pack of 6

Next9 Printed Dappy (photo courtesy of

Drybees AIO
(photo courtesy of Spoiled Store)

KissaLuvs Contour Diapers
(photo courtesy of Spoiled Store)

Kissa's Organic Cotton Diaper
(photo courtesy of Spoiled Store)

Next9 Plain Yellow
(photo courtesy of Next9)

Rocky Mountain
(photo courtesy of Spoiled Store)
Grovia AIO Diaper
(photo courtesy of Grovia)

So, on Inno's christening, we're planning a dappy-themed reception and gift registry. Most of the items listed on our gift registry are essentials on cloth diapering like Next9 Cloth Diapers in pack of 3's (we chose this brand because of it's price. Imagine 3pcs for 1k? Other brands cost almost 1k per piece! :)), Inserts, Diaper wet bag and flushable liners which is great during travels. We don't really mind receiving same gifts from this list since we wanted Inno to have a bountiful stash of these items. It's practical and could be used up until he's ready to potty-train. 

We haven't checked non-cloth dappy related items in the mall just yet in case other guests prefer giving other gifts. We still got a lot of ironing out to do. Whew!

Why, Why, Why?

You may ask why we prefer using cloth diapers. Well, our primary reason is to cut the cost on disposables. We have tried using disposable diapers the moment Inno was born and upon reaching his first month, it has already burdened our pockets. Imagine, a pack of diapers lasts only for a week or even less. In cloth diapering, we only have to invest on a stash, wash and re-use it for over a long period. 

Cloth diapers are also safe for Inno because  he's not exposed to chemicals found inside disposables. Moreover, cloth diapering is safe for Mother Earth since we won't be contributing to the piles of trash in our landfills. 

There you have it. I know you'd think I'm too old school for settling on this idea but come on, I know you see the benefits of cloth dappy-ing too. Plus, remember that are bummies are cloth-diapered too when we were babies. If my mom survived cloth-diapering us four, I know I could also do it for Inno. :)

Lunes, Abril 23, 2012

Worth the Pain: Inno's Labor Story

After more than a month of not writing, I finally had the time to catch up with my blog and it feels good. But before anything else, Yes, I finally gave birth to a wonderful eight pounder baby boy, Felipe Inno last March 12 at 1:52pm via normal delivery. (Yehey to me!)

Looks like I have so much to share so let me start with my labor story.

March 12, I woke up a little sore and there's some throbbing pain in my lower abdomen. The night before, Kali slept beside me (Yup, we didn't share a bed in UP Bliss because we don't fit in a single bed. Hehe.) and I was still feeling normal by that time although impatience has already set in. That night, I remembered Kali talking to Inno inside my tummy asking him to go out already. 

5am. Kali was already up for work and usually, I'd wake up by that time too to check him before he leaves. I was already feeling some pain but decided not to tell him because I wanted to be sure first that it was true labor already. He left for work and I slept through the pain thinking that it might be gone by the time I woke up. Apparently, the pain even got worse after I woke up which was around 6:30-7am. It felt like a stomach pain urging me to poop. So I went to the bathroom and poop thinking that it might just be a poopie thing but I told myself that if the pain doesn't go away, I would text my OB na about it. 

I pooped. Success!

But the pain didn't go away. 

I texted my OB already and told her I was feeling cramps on my lower abdomen and that I pooped na but the pain won't go. It took an hour or so before she finally answered and when she did, she told me to go straight to the labor room already.

I took a bath. Dressed up.

Grabbed my bag. I didn't bring the baby bag just yet because Tita Carol can't carry all those stuff. By this time, I've already told Kali that I'm in pain and that Doc instructed me to go to the hospital already.

On our way to the hospital, I'm still feeling normal with little pangs of pain that goes on and off every five minutes. It was still tolerable but it's making me uncomfortable. 

I went straight to the labor room bringing my admission slip, jacket and my small bag. 

I rang the doorbell and a resident who already checked on me before opened the door. Upon seeing the twist on my face (because of the pain), she laughed and asked, "Totoo na ba yan?" which made me laugh too. 

Upon entering the labor room, other residents who've checked me before were also asking if I'm really on labor already. To be sure, I had to go through an IE (Internal Exam) to check if I'm dilating already. If you were able to read my previous posts, I was sent home 2-3 times because my IE's say that I'm not yet dilated. To be totally sure, I was IE-d twice by different residents and by that time, it was quite painful because of the contractions. After the exam, they told me I'm already around 4 cm and I was like: Eto na nga yun. The nurse then asked Tita Carol to get my stuff. I brought my bag and jacket inside the labor room thinking that I might just tweet or listen to music while laboring, however, the hospital doesn't allow that. 

The Whole Process

After changing into a hospital gown (which was really awkward to wear because it's tied at the back and kinda short for me), everything else followed. I was shaved down there. And by the way, just so you know, moms are asked that their undies be removed so it's really extra cold down south during the whole labor. 

The awkward Enema. I thought I'd escape this part since I've pooped already that morning but unfortunately, I didn't. When I first heard the word Enema from the Dra. Teng, the resident who monitored my whole labor, I was like, "Ano yun?" She explained that it's a process where bowel movement is induced by injecting fluid inside your pwet or in tagalog, labatiba. Yun pala yun. Para daw walang kakambal na poopoo si Inno. 

Anak ng pitumput-pitong puting pating. 

During the whole process of labatiba, I was thinking, ganito pala ang pakiramdam ng mga bading. I was induced three times and during the first two takes, there was nothing inside my tummy when I tried to poop but Manang Chelly, the head labor nurse won't  agree to stop. She said she had to be sure. It was an EXPERIENCE. 

After the awkward enema, I was laid on the bed again. For thirty minutes to an hour, I went through fetal monitoring. At that time, my contractions were not normal yet. Dra. Teng asked that I tell her every time Inno moves or kicks and she'll see if the monitor says the same. With the progress that I was going through, she said I would definitely have a swift delivery and she even predicted that my delivery won't reach 4pm (and yes, she was totally right). They were already in touch with Dra. Olalo by that time and she instructed that I went through some urine and allergy tests. I was also given an IV which was a first since I've never been confined before. After so many syringes that pricked me that day, I think I'm over that fear already. 

Around 11am to 12 noon, I was IE-d again to check if my dilation is progressing. My contractions were already painful that time so I really freaked out when she checked inside me. I remember she even said, "Mommy, tutulungan kita ha." And you know what she did? She just tear up my cervix to progress my dilation. After the IE, I was 6cm already. Dra. Olalo came to check on me. And since my water bag isn't broken yet, Doc had to pop it to fasten my delivery. Imagine inserting a long toothpick inside my area. It wasn't painful but after the process, every contraction was already nagging I have to twist my body to resist it. They also injected some drug to really haste my dilation. In the next hour, the pain was extreme and I already had the urge to poop. Doc Yolly, a senior resident, IE-d me for the last time and asked if the urge to poop was strong already. During the IE, I was almost about to scream, I'm grasping Doc Yolly's hand because the bed had no bars to hold on to. The next moments, I felt I was in a haze. I'm groggy but I remembered being transferred to another bed by a male nurse, we entered a room which looked like a big comfort room, tiled in white and there was a large spotlight down at me. I remembered my arms being strapped  on the bed (like I'm being crucified)  and my feet held up. 

Four hard pushes. 

It felt like a poop that won't go out. 

I could see shadows and hear voices.

The next thing I remember, I'm being curled up into a ball by a male nurse. I was trying to resist but he won't let me. And then I felt something pierced my spine. In seconds, I'm numb. Until now, I'm assuming I was undergoing episiotomy the reason I couldn't feel a thing.

I didn't know Inno was already out by that time. Dra. Olalo came to me and patted my cheek. Her hand was warm, I knew then it's all over. She whispered to my ear that we're done and that Inno looked like Kali. I even remember this short conversation before I blocked out. 

Dra. Olalo:  Arianne, tapos na. Eight pounds ang baby mo at ang haba. 

Me: Talaga, doc? Kamukha ba ni Piolo?

Doc: Hindi. Kamukha ni Kalayaan.

Me: Akala ko kamukha ni Piolo e.

And then,
I passed out.

They said I was in the recovery room for four hours. I really couldn't tell how long I stayed there. All I could remember was I was so tired from sleeping. By the time I was conscious, all I wanted was to be transferred to my room but the nurse said I need to undergo an IE (again!!!) before I leave the room. Apparently, we had to wait for an hour or so for an OB resident to check my stitch. I'm becoming impatient already. I'm fighting off sleep. Thankfully, a resident came IE-d me and then I was released from the recovery room. 

I was happy to see mom, Kali and some friends in the room. Inno was still in the nursery and I had to endure not seeing him that night. I wanted to see him badly because I was worried that the nurses are giving him formula milk. But mom and Kali insisted that we have Inno roomed in the following day so I could get some rest.

The anesthesia was wearing off slowly and I could feel the pain stinging from my butt to my "area". I was twisting and turning that night and because I wanted to see my bundle of joy already, I slept the pain off.

The next morning was the happiest day of my life. 

Finally, I was able to held Inno in my arms. It was love at first sight.

Indeed, he made every pain, every day of the last nine months and everything worth it. 


Sabado, Marso 10, 2012

Late Post: 39w 1/7 Still not Coming Out

This is another late post. Wrote this last Friday, March 9. 

Went to my OB earlier with mommy for another checkup. For the entirety of my pregnancy, it was my first prenatal checkup accompanied by mom. Doc told me that we couldn't actually force Uno to come out if he still doesn't want to and that all we could do is to wait.

That is why I'm conditioning myself for another week of waiting. If he still doesnt come out by Friday next week, we would have to go through another BPS to make sure he's still doing fine inside.

While waiting, I'm actually preparing myself as well if ever things would not go as planned like an emergency C-section or a highly-induced labor so that I'd be prepared emotionally and physically. I'm still praying and hoping though that things will be normal the way we pictured it.

It's a good thing that mom's around although not on a daily basis. Just having her there keeps the blues away and waiting a little less stressful. She's encouraging me to be more patient and worry less. Talking to her actually diverts my attention to other things. I'm glad to hear from her stories back home like how kulit Xander is already, their plans of renovating the house, business ideas and other family stuff. I know it would be another long period again that I'd hear news back home after i give birth since kali and I won't be able to go to laguna weeks (and even months) after Uno's birth.

Friday. Slumber king.

Tonight is just one ordinary night. As I've predicted it, Kali would again hit the sack early. As I'm writing this, he is actually snoring soundly on the other room already. I hope this won't turn into a routine/habit once Uno is out because I want him to spend some time with Uno atleast a few hours after arriving from work and before hitting the sack.

And so here I am. With no one to talk to... Again. It makes me paranoid at times but I have to get over or get used to it.

Tomorrow's another day of waiting. Hopefully, I'll get by with all the impatience and make something productive out of the remaining waiting days.

Til here.

Goodnight. Xoxo

Late Post: 38w 6/7 Impatience Setting In

This is another late post, guys. :) 

38 weeks and 6 days

... But my pregnancy app says I'm 39 weeks today. I hate to admit it but I'm getting impatient with each passing day already. I didn't expect that pregnancy's gonna bore me this much. I just want Uno to be out safe and sound because everyday has turned out to be a physical struggle. There are pains everywhere and I had to limit myself from doing so many things alone. As simple as walking, I need someone to be with me.

Tomorrow will be another checkup. At some point, I want to be induced already but of course, my doc would want me to go normal and natural as long as possible.

So, goodluck to me. Haay.

Late Post: 38w 5/7 Still Part of the Waiting Game

Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm still on the waiting game part. Uno hasn't arrived just yet and my tummy isn't actually giving me regular contractions at this time. There are moments that I don't know what to feel already. I'm more of getting impatient rather than being excited. I don't know what else to do besides walking to finally switch on these regular contractions.

Or is it just my threshold for pain being too high that I'm experiencing no pain at all? I'm quite starting to think that I'm quite abnormal at this side of my life. My bloody shows have stopped and there are only a few contractions. I dont want to scare myself but I didn't quite expected that this waiting phase is going to be this long. :(

I'm almost 39 weeks. Doc says I'm still okay but with my impatience running, I just could not wait at all.

Late Post: 38w 3/7 Tik-tok

This was written last Sunday, March 2. :)

Sunday is coming to a close and we're still in a waiting game. I want to stop expecting already but with all the little tummyaches I'm feeling, it's hard not to monitor and just keep mum about it. Just today, I felt an ounce of fear crept thru me. I'm suddenly afraid of what might happen during labor and giving birth. Is this a sign that I'm just a yard away from the Big D-day? Well, with or without this fear, it would be useless denying that I'm actually almost "there". My body's giving me signals that Uno is drawing near and is about to come out any time soon.

I'm feeling dizzy though, like I'm about to go into a fever. I hope I won't be part of the crowd of moms who feel nauseated during labor to the point of vomitting and passing out.

But seriously, I just want this preggy thing to be over and finally meet Uno. So I'm really up for whatever labor and delivery are going to throw at me.

Please come out na, Uno. :)
Everybody's waiting for you already.

Late Post: A Letter for Uno

This is a late post yet again. :)

I wrote this letter for Uno last March 7. I've been wanting to write him a letter for him to read once he learns how to. So that would be like five to six years from now but I don't really mind. :) At some point, I was teary-eyed while writing this. :) Enjoy and don't cry! :)


Dear Uno,

I'm writing this on the 38th week and 5th day you being inside my tummy. Yes, son. You've been staying that long already and everyone's just waiting for you to come out. Everyone's excited to meet you and everything has been prepared for your arrival like there's a prince coming to stay in the town.

Your dad also did his part of preparing for you. Just last Monday, he already started his first full-time job and was still accepting out-of-the-office writing jobs for an extra income. I couldn't wait for you to finally meet him too. I assure you that you'll be proud being his son and I'd like you to grow up like him too minus his kasungitan and kapraningan and less his seriousness. Your dad is smart, has a different approach to sweetness, loves being taken cared of and acts comically weird at times. You'll love him coz just like you, he's like a big little kid at heart.

I can't wait for you to meet your cousins too. I'm sure you'll be pogi too just like your kuyas. They are all smart and have their own set of characters and you'll have yours too. I'm sure you'll be unique in every way from them.

You have the best grandparents as well. And unlike the usual two pairs, you have more than 5 lolo's and lola's. They're all cool and sweet.

Your titos and titas are the best in the world too. They've showered you with gifts even before you arrive and i know you'll enjoy them once you're out.

Oh Uno. I could not really wait to finally hold you tight in my arms. I don't promise a perfect world and a perfect life for us but I promise to give you the best of everything this life has to offer. I promise to be the best mom to you and your future sibling(s). I know your dad will promise the same as well because we love you and we only want the best for you. :)

Please don't make it hard for mom during delivery. And always be healthy. If there comes a time that I would not be around, always remember that I'll always be looking after you even if you dont see me.

I love you and never forget that. You're the sole reason why I chose to forget the life I used to live and change for the best.

I'm always here for you and I love you.

Mommy Yan